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Hello, my dear sports enthusiasts,

Do you go in for sports? I guess, every person does. Quite naturally, the intensity, type and time of the workouts vary. So, what result do we want to get from the exercise? Some physical activity is essential. We strive for staying fit and healthy. Some women, especially after the kids’ birth, try to lose weight.

Meanwhile, we are to avoid dehydration and health issues. In what way? I would try to help you, providing a lot of useful information. This blog can just remind you about the memorable rules. I hope you’ll discover different sort of things. However, these articles definitely won’t harm you.

About Author PageSome words about me. My name is Mary. My family is my husband and my little son, Benjamin. I want them to be proud of me. Therefore. I have to be fit, slim and in good shape. Quite naturally, I am not a marathon runner. I like running but only up to 5-10 miles’ distance.

I adore cycling. I am fond of skiing. Hiking and camping are just great hobbies. Diets and healthy nutrition are among my fundamental interests. So, I want to share my ideas and experience with you. What about you? Please, share your enthusiasm with me.

I live in Medford, OR. It’s large and populated. The climate here is wet, oceanic. By the way, the Pacific Ocean is not far from the city. So, I also like swimming when I have this opportunity. Every day, I work in the office. Quite naturally, I do need some physical activity and I go for it.

Some great trails are nearby, for example:

  • Roxy Ann Peak Trail;
  • Bear Creek Greenway;
  • South Medford Neighborhood Trail.

I enjoy these picturesque trails. So, I have an opportunity to test all the best travel and sport accessories. I hope, my experience helps you make an informed choice. Quite naturally, expert opinions and certification matters, as well. So, enjoy sport and stay healthy!


Mary A. Johnson

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